Television Appearances. 


”Coronation Street” 


Eric is best known for playing eccentric baker, Diggory Compton in Coronation Street from 2005 - 2007.  He had many major story-lines including an unhealthy infatuation with Audrey Roberts and a spat with business rival Fred Elliott - as reported in the Tv magazines as seen on the left.  This, however was Eric’s 5th character on the cobbles with the previous 4 appearances being for only one episode each.  Below is Colin Dearing - Eric’s first appearance in 1989 as Bet’s lawyer when she was threatening to divorce her then husband Alec Gilroy. 


Eric’s first regular TV role was as Mr Moore in Channel 4 soap, Brookside from 1998 - 2001. He moved in with Sinbad & Tin-Head on Brookside Close causing them great concern with his slightly odd behaviour and suspicious sawing and hammering noises coming from his padlocked bedroom


Convinced he was cutting up the body of his ex-wife, Sinbad & Tin-Head broke into his room only to discover he had been putting up shelves for his Wrexham Football Club Memorabilia.  Mr Moore got his own back a few months later when, in his role as environmental health inspector, he closed down the Brookside chippie putting Sinbad out of a job.  

“Doctor Who”


Eric appeared as Downing Street staffer, Oliver Charles in the 2005 storyline “Aliens of London.  Alongside Annette Badland, Eric soon revealed his true identity as he unzipped his forehead and released the Slitheen within.  This was one of the major storylines during Christopher Ecclestone’s one series as The Doctor.




Eric appeared as a local vicar in two episodes of the C​hannel 4 soap in 2017.

”Last of the Summer Wine”


Eric appeared as the local pub landlord in 2 episodes of this iconic comedy,  Here we see his temper somewhat aroused by mention of ex love rival, Cyril Cooper in the episode - “The Man Who Invented Yorkshire Funny Stuff” 

“Still Game”


Eric appeared as Henderson the Baker - the undisputed creator of the famous Beefy Bake, (despite what Pete the Jakey claims) in the episode - “Recipe” in series 6 of this iconic Scottish comedy. 

"​Dear Green Place"

Eric appeared as Grand Secretary Mackenzie, the officious but officially elected leader of an equally officious bunch at a Glasgow bowling club in this Scottish sit-com penned by Paul Riley & Mark Cox.  In his desperate efforts to get a "Twenty's Plenty" sign removed (as it was casting a shadow onto his precious bowling green) he met a somewhat ignominious end on the front grille of a speeding ice-cream van! 

Eric appeared as a guest contributor on the Channel 5 show “Britain’s Best Loved Double Acts” following his successful portrayal of Les Dawson in a London production and national tour of “Cissie & Ada”. 

“Demonologist for Hire”

Eric appeared as the perturbed, and some might say, perturbing owner of a haunted Scottish mansion in series 2 of this award winning web series.  


This is a link to the series web page from where you can watch all episodes -

BBC Radio Drama


Eric can be heard regularly on BBC Radio in many plays and drama series.  He is pictured left recording an episode of “Brief Lives” in which he played Big Doug for 4 series. 

“The Find-Out Line”


Eric appeared as Stan, the station-master in this pilot episode of a series for pre-school children.  Created by Paul Shuttleworth, Eric is seen here with Rachel Teate and Mark Paterson.